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The story of family tradition dates back to 1929 and Mr. Ivan Rudenjak, a pioneer and a visionary, the catering doyen in Dubrovnik and beyond. Mr. Rudenjak seemed to have catering in his blood. He was the first in the Dubrovnik area who purchased juice and ice cream machines and for 22 years he supplied all the performances of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival in early ’60s with juices and soft drinks. He also had a “bianco bar” on the Walls of Dubrovnik, he put tables at Peskarija, the first ones in the City that were placed in the open air.
In early 70s of the 20th century he had a vision to make Prijeko Street similar to what he had previously seen in Athens, Plaki Street, and Via Venetto in Rome with streets filled with restaurants and bars, a place where all visitors can enjoy. Ivo Rudenjak is also the first person from Dubrovnik whose restaurant was also open throughout the winter months.
Restoran Lanii Dubrovnik

Lanii Ivan Rudenjak
He wanted to bring all the good and interesting things he saw while traveling around the world to his beloved hometown, Dubrovnik. This was not always met with approval. On the contrary, his efforts and initiatives have often been thwarted. But Mr. Ivo has devoted all his life to his profession and Dubrovnik.
He never gave up, and over time his hard work and determination were rewarded. The long list of acknowledgements he has received for his efforts includes the Order of the Croatian Interlace awarded by President Stipe Mesic for his many years of work in the hospitality industry. He also received the greatest acknowledgment of the profession, Zlatne ruke (Golden Hands) charter, awarded by the umbrella association to honourable and reputable craftsmen for their long and successful work and an extraordinary contribution to the promotion of crafts of the Republic of Croatia.
He was not only recognized by the local population, but also by many prominent figures of the world’s political and business scene. Ivo Rudenjak was a true ‘gospar’ – a man who can be proud of his work and status in the society, but also his integrity and overall activity.


Familyvalue as the key to the success

Although always active and focused on work, to Ivo Rudenjak family always came first. In his autobiography “My Life in the Empire of the Delicacies” Rudenjak states, “For everything I have achieved in my life, I can mostly thank my family, especially my wife Nada and our children, Lora and Lucija.”
He continues by saying that his wife Nada has been his biggest support in both his business and marriage since beginning, and adds, “She provided us with a severity, security and responsibility “.
They have always taught their children that things can only be accomplished through hard work and the right attitude towards work and life. Since their early age their two daughters have been participating in the business according to their skills and abilities, just as their grandchildren do today. Day after day they continue to develop this story and strive to make it even better and more successful.
Lanii family

Lanii restaurant

Theorigins of LANII

The LANII restaurant is an addition to the Ragusa restaurant chain. The first restaurant named Ragusa was opened in New York in 1975 offering Dubrovnik and Dalmatian cuisine. Croatians in America as well as American guests, whose number increased with each day, were given the opportunity to enjoy Dubrovnik tradition and cuisine. It was a great gastronomic and business move, followed by a decision to open the Ragusa 2 restaurant the following year, 1976.
The restaurant was then far away from Prijeko Street. It had all the prerequisites for a serious business, thus Mr. Rudenjak realized that it would be perfect to have tables in Prijeko Street. Now the problem was not the law but the locals who lived in that area. It started with a few tables, and later on, he placed some more due to demand. The fight over the tables started as the locals did not accept that very well, while the visitors enjoyed both the food and the ambience.
Today, when Prijeko hosts numerous restaurants, the LANII restaurant opens in place of Ragusa 2. It nourishes the same values as Ragusa, but now bears the name that unites the family – mother Lucija (daughter of Ivo Rudenjak), Alen, Andrea, Noel, Ivana and Ivo!


Team& professionalism

Aside from the entire family participating in the work of the restaurant, great attention is paid to the expert team. A top chef as well as kind and professional staff are imperative, just like a sommelier. The role of the sommelier was taken over by Ivana, Ivo Rudenjak’s granddaughter, who keeps educating herself in this field. She attended school in Bordeaux, followed by practice in London. She has completed the WSET – Wine & Spirit Education Trust, Level 2 for Sommeliers, as well as the prestigious CAFA Formations to become a wine consultant.
Along with the values that are transferred from generation to generation in the LANII restaurant, the emphasis is on continuous investment in training with the aim of achieving the highest level of guest satisfaction.
Restaurant Lanii Dubrovnik