Prijeko Street 15B, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia +385 91 142 2349


Where is LANII?

LANII is located in Prijeko Street in Dubrovnik, which is also called “Mali Stradun”, and is located parallel to Stradun and leads to the eastern side of the city. In that street Ivo Rudenjak was born, raised his family and laid strong foundations for the hospitality industry in Dubrovnik.

The famous Dubrovnik poet, Luko Paljetak, describes this prominent street with the following words:
“…in the sunny Prijeko, to which like rivers of enduring life flow 14 streets like 14 strings of an instrument that sings about the beauty of life, regardless of anything or anyone, that is even more beautiful when enriched by a series of happy moments of fine dining.”